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A word about Panoramic Photographs There are two locations to photograph panoramic photographs; indoors or outdoors. After talking with literally dozens of principals and sponsors, these were their 3 major concerns; WEATHER… Wind, rain, hot, cold…rarely do you get a perfect cloudy day to photograph outdoors. Weather and temperature are never a concern indoors. TIME… It takes twice as long to set up the students on risers outdoors than inside in the gym. And The Most Important Reason: SAFETY Putting students on risers is inherently dangerous! One slip or push or shove is all it takes! Keep in mind that students on the highest step are 15 feet up! For these reasons Edwards Studio Panoramic photographs all our panoramic photographs indoors. Using the latest lighting and panoramic technology, your school panoramic is shot in the comfort and safety of indoors. P.S. Edwards Studio Panoramics at one time used outdoor risers, but after years of using them and seeing how the students behave on the risers along with complaints from administration, we changed for the better. In our minds, safety always comes first!